Research Areas
  • Presidency: Policymaking Powers, Congressional Relations, and Party Politics
  • Congress: Electoral Politics and Institutional Development
  • Political Parties: Historical Development and Electoral Competition

Selected Publications


  • "Whose Party is it?: Lame Ducks, Presidential Candidates, and Evaluations of the Party", American Political Research Forthcoming, with Victor Hinojosa (TTU Graduate Student)
  • "Presidential Strategies in Statements of Administration Policy", Presidential Studies Quarterly Forthcoming, with Ian Ostrander
  • “Constraining Presidential Ambition: Controversy and the Decline of Signing Statements.” Presidential Studies Quarterly 47(4): 752–776, with Ian Ostrander.

  • “The Logic of Presidential Signing Statements.” 2013. Political Research Quarterly 66(1): 141-153, with Ian Ostrander 

Congress & Institutional Development

  • Electoral Incentives in Congress. 2018. University of Michigan Press, with Jamie Carson.
  • “The Impact of Electoral Rules and Reforms on Election Outcomes.” 2020. American Politics Research 48(6): 738-749.
  • “Congressional Candidates in an Era of Party Ballots.” 2017. Journal of Politics 79(2): 534-545, with Jamie Carson.
  • “Electoral Reform and Changes in Legislative Behavior: Adoption of the Secret Ballot in Congressional Elections.” 2015. Legislative Studies Quarterly, 40(1): 83-110, with Jamie Carson.

Congressional Elections
  • "Elections, Competition, and Constituent Evaluations of U.S. Senators." Electoral Studies, Forthcoming, with Ryan Williamson.
  • “Nationalization and the Incumbency Advantage.” 2020. Political Research Quarterly 73(1): 156-168, with Jamie Carson and Ryan Williamson. 
  • “Nationalization in US Senate and Gubernatorial Elections.” 2019. American Politics Research 47(5): 1055-1080, with Seth McKee.

Selected Work in Progress
  • The Less Responsive Branch?: Politics and Development in the Early US Senate (Book Project)
  • Nationalized Politics (Book Project), with Jamie L. Carson and Ryan D. Williamson
  • Partisan Defection in an Era of Nationalized Elections, with Kevin K. Banda